keyboardist/ pianist/ studio manager/ producer/ composer/ arranger/ apologetic trombonist

Jeff Babko is:

a) a piano player who also enjoys the wonders of electronical keyboards and synthesizer thingies.

b) a member of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" house band. (Cleto & The Cletones).

c) a freelance "session guy".

d) the piano fella on the Steve Martin/Martin Short Netflix special

e) a native of Southern California.

f) a lover of coffee.

g) the studio runner of TudorTones

CROW NUTS released and new recording project...

after much anticipation, well, from me anyway, CROW NUTS featuring myself w/ Tim Lefebvre, Tim Young, Louis Cole and horners Dan Rosenboom, Alex Budman, & Dave Ralicke is now available on vinyl.   I'll be setting up a store/link on this site very soon.  it's also on the iTunes and all that stuff, but totally mixed and mastered for the vinyl release.  kudos and thanks to the masterful (no pun intended, ok maybe a little) John Paterno for his wondrous mixes and attention.  it's a wacky record!

also, just over a week ago, in Nashville (!), assembled 5 knuckleheads:  myself, Will Lee, Keith Carlock, Jeff Coffin and Nir Felder.  we recorded 11 kick-ass songs and I can't wait for you all to hear them.  it's sort of an expanded follow up of sorts to my record with Coffin from years back, Mondo Trio.  "Mondo Five-o"?  we'll see.  

these represent the first two offerings from TudorTones Records, which is essentially me putting out stuff that I want to share with you. 

thank you all so much-- whoever reads this, your support of this musical madness really keeps this jalopy of an artsy human runnin'.