keyboardist/ pianist/ studio manager/ producer/ composer/ arranger/ apologetic trombonist

Jeff Babko is:

a) a piano player who also enjoys the wonders of electronical keyboards and synthesizer thingies.

b) a member of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" house band. (Cleto & The Cletones).

c) a freelance "session guy".

d) longtime touring musical director and pianist for 'funny man' Martin Short.

e) a native of Southern California.

f) a lover of coffee.

g) usually blondish.

stuff coming up

hi people!

I've got gigs and things coming up!  figured I'd share.

Steve Martin's page has all the dates we'll be doing with the Steve Martin/Martin Short w/ Steep Canyon Rangers & Jeff Babko "See Them Before They're Dead" tour for this year:

short notice, but I'll be playing w/ Matt Mayhall, Paul Bryan & Davey Chegwidden tomorrrow night at ETA in Highland Park TOMORROW NIGHT 1/8/18.  great vibe every night there.

BAND OF OTHER BROTHERS w/ myself, Will Lee, Keith Carlock, Nir Felder and Jeff Coffin will be playing at the Blue Whale on Jan 24th, 2 sets.  rare live set for us!  we hope to see you there.

also at the Blue Whale a few nights later on 1/27 w/ Mark Guiliana's group.

finally for now I'd like to add that my crazy musical movie project with Zach Danziger "THE 9:15 O'CLOCK MOVIE" will be at the Blue Whale MARCH 2ND.  we work really hard on this project and I think it's a fun one for attendees-- some "weird, wild stuff."

thanks for reading!



merry christmas!!

wow... was my last post really APRIL 5th???

ok so... on this Christmas Day... I have so much to be thankful for!  my little family here in the valley who makes this all possible...!!!

this year I circled around the US with James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt and had the chance to play Fenway in Boston and Wrigley in Chicago among other incredible legendary venues across this great land.  it's easy to forget in this climate (political AND nature's!!), but this country has so many great folks and cities... so lucky to get to play piano and watch audience members react to James' impassioned delivery of his timeless songs... tears of joy and reflection... what an honor to get to play piano and have any part in making people feel and process things they need to, through music.  James is an incredible guy-- and to watch Bonnie every night was a lesson in musicality and command. 

another year at Jimmy Kimmel Live-- we're at 15 years now!!  getting to help Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Bono on an arrangement of "One For My Baby" with strings was surreal, and so many other highlights... not to mention Jimmy delivering some game changing monologues!  and a trip to NY...

also another year of touring with the "Steve Martin/Martin Short 'See Them Before They're Dead" tour, along with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  prepping for a Netflix special coming up this February.. and so many fun cities and shows. 

just returned from Japan with Steve Lukather and Nerve Bundle-- our first show outside of North Hollywood!!!  thanks to the Bottom Line and Billboard Live clubs-- always treating us American musicians with such respect and kindness.  we'll be back!!

lots of love this holiday season.  check the other pages on my site for new updates.. photos, records, tv, etc.  thankful to be working in the amazing and unpredictable world of music for one more year!!