keyboardist/ pianist/ studio manager/ producer/ composer/ arranger/ apologetic trombonist

Jeff Babko is:

a) a piano player who also enjoys the wonders of electronical keyboards and synthesizer thingies.

b) a member of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" house band. (Cleto & The Cletones).

c) a freelance "session guy".

d) the piano fella on the Steve Martin/Martin Short Netflix special

e) a native of Southern California.

f) a lover of coffee.

g) the studio runner of TudorTones



a few exciting things going on…

new 17th (!!!) season of Jimmy Kimmel Live just started! we’ll be traveling to Las Vegas, Jimmy’s (and Cleto’s) hometown, for a week of shows in April. how lucky am I to have been on such a long lasting “job” with such a kind and funny host.

wrapped my second episode of the incredible radio program for MPR (NPR), with mind blowingly gifted and exuberant, lovely (not enough superlatives to describe this human!) Chris Thile. I’ll be doing a handful more episodes this season, including Detroit in a couple weeks. I can’t share enough how proud I am to be a part of this show and house band.

I’ll be in the orchestra with my lovely wife, master badass violinist Songa Lee for the Grammy Premiere show this upcoming weekend. I did it for years in the past with the great Larry Batiste at the helm, and this year my old pal Cheche Alara will be the musical director.

very exciting news: producing trumpeter/composer Dan Rosenboom’s cutting edge new album. we’ve finished tracking the basics, with some “heavy hitters” for sure (Vinnie Colaiuta, Zach Danziger, Gary Novak, Tim Lefebvre, Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Watts Jr., more!) and Dan wrote some super bonkers music that will hit you like a freight train. working on production elements and overdubs now— look for it soon.

my album “El Musico” is in the can and vinyl being pressed as we speak! features Artyom Manukyan on cello, Abe Rounds on drums, TIm Young on guitar and Kaveh Rastegar on bass.

check for dates with Steve Martin & Martin Short as well…

thanks! bye for now.


hey I haven't forgotten you...

...have you forgotten me?  I wouldn't blame you.  Been a while since I posted here.

I have gig coming up at the beautiful new piano-based intimate "jazz" spot, Sam First, where I'll be presenting something a little different and a LOT special to me.  I'll be performing some new material of my own plus songs by my cohorts, Kaveh Rastegar, Abe Rounds, and Gaby Moreno.  I'm calling it the "Song Circle" and we'll be there on July 22nd.

Also, who caught the Steve Martin/Martin Short Netflix special?  Let me know whatcha thought...! It was fun and it's so nice of many of you to share you enjoyed it.

I have another gig with the brilliant and wacky Zach Danziger as 9:15 O'Clock Movie at a new venue to us:  Artspace LA on December 7th.

Besides that, look for me on the road with Steve & Marty and on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and thanks for paying attention!